ComunidadMujer - Hecho en Comunidad

About Us

We are a civil society organization that has been promoting, for 20 years, social, cultural, normative and organizational transformation for gender equality in Chile.

Our daily action is based on the purpose to which we have committed ourselves: that women are born and develop their lives in a society with equal rights and opportunities.

We do this through permanent work and cross-cutting dialogue with social and political actors, contributing with studies and research, initiatives to strengthen and promote women’s leadership, support for educational communities and the promotion of gender equality in the business world and public policy.

We share our knowledge and experience in collaborative work, through alliances with national and international organizations, to amplify the scope and impact of our work.

We recognize the work of all women who have opened the way: those of today, with whom we build and bond in this community, and those of tomorrow, for whom we work tirelessly.